MGP Studios
Based in Warsaw, Poland

Release date:
December 16, 2015

Steam: Win, Mac
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Sinless is a hybrid of classic 2D point and click adventure and visual novel set in an original cyberpunk reality. We put a lot of effort and attention to the lore and story as well as the general vibe- that the graphics and soundtrack complement themselves to create the desired tone...

Welcome to the Omni-Care sanctioned city. The world as we know it has come to an end and a New Order has taken over. Life is seemingly perfect, in an almost utopian society humans have to officialy schedule their whole days in advance via "ports" - mandatory cybernetic implants. Large commercial entities who also happen to be port manufacturers have replaced governments and crime is practically non existent. You are the hero of this exciting tale, about to start a regular day only for it to unfold in the most unexpected manner revealing the true nature of the multi-layered city.


Being the passionate gamers that we are, our dream was to create an adventure game of our own. We have been playing game for three decades and have fond memories of classic adventuregames ranging from Granny's Garden on the BBC through the timeless classic Sierra and Dynamix games to the more recent touchscreen based visual novels like Danganronpa, Phoenix Wright and Ghost Trick. Hopefully our love for games and cyberpunk shows in our debut: Sinless, especially in a few easter eggs here and there. The game was orignally was released for mobile devices in October 2014 and was well received, including a very posite review and feature on Polands largest mobile gaming site: AntyApps. It also was the semifinalist of the Unsung Heroes competition by Spilgames, co-organised by PocketGamer. In June 2015 we signed a licensing deal for Sinless with Forever Entertainment SA. The PC build of the game received a lot of warm attention during this years Pixel Heaven and Poznań Game Arena, where at the latter, was considered one of the 8 most promising Indie games, by renowned gaming portal Gamezilla. However, due to the licensing aggreement, the original mobile release in no longer available, but the new and improved mobile edition will be available in Q1 2016 and will feature most of the Steam version enhancements..

Despite being targetted at the old-school, niche gamer-there is a lot of reading after all- we are very pleased that the overal reception has been very positive. We wanted to give the player the choice of freedom and to discover and unravel the story at their own pace, hence Sinless offers little to no handholding. Therefore many features or lore related backstories/explanations are not thrown in your face. Instead they are somewhere in the world, waiting to be discovered; be it a feature, easter-egg/game reference, world news or plot related event etc.

It is also important to remember that you are thrown into a world of specific rules, laws, customs, lingo, social segregation etc which you will learn and unravel in time along the way.

As some Easter Eggs might suggest, we are quite the FromSoftware/Souls fans: This is also where Sinless took its inpiration in storytelling: seeing as how bits and pieces of the story and lore are scattered throughout the world, which will help connect the missing dots. Be it an interactive element or seemingly irrelevant NPC, exploration is highly recommended. Also, as with Fight Club, a revisit is recommended, as the reveal ought to shed new light on certain aspects which might have been unclear in the previous playthrough. As for example, with the underlying philosophical theme, which manifests itself throughout the gameplay: certain scenes or instances which might have seemed random or incoherent during the first playthrough, ought to present themselves in a new and clearer light after the reveal. Also at one key moment near the end of the game we are presented with a few topics, each of which will reveal different revelations. However, we can only choose one per playthrough.


  • An immersive and original storyline within a unique cyeberpunk lore.
  • As you unravel the story you'll visit various parts of the city, each with their own distinct highlights and features.
  • Fitting dynamic Original Soundtrack.
  • Encounter and interact with the colourful cast of characters.
  • Highly detailed and animated graphics.
  • Many hidden features and exciting minigames.
  • Don't forget to install your daily scheduled Progs!


Sinless YouTube

The darker side of town YouTube

Steam PC Gameplay YouTube




Awards & Recognition

  • "Finalist in Digital Dragons 2016" http://graczpospolita.pl/znamy-liste-gier-startujacych-konkursie-indie-showcase-digital-dragons/
  • "Semifinalist in the Unsung Heroes 2015 competition by Spilgames, in partnership with PocketGamer" http://www.spilgames.com/22-games-represent-best-unsung-heroes/
  • "Considered one of the 8 most promising Indie games of the PGA Poznań Game Arena 2015 by Gamezilla" http://www.gamezilla.pl/publicystyka/2015/10/8-najciekawszych-gier-niezaleznych-pokazanych-na-pga,5
  • "'Walking a confident line between urban utopia and dystopia, both in audiovisual design and story.' Steam Curator recommendation" http://store.steampowered.com/curator/6893156-Games-With-Cyberpunk-Elements/?appid=340320

Selected Articles

  • "Through musical and visual composition, Sinless creates a depth of feel and emotion that are refreshing and engaging for the player."
    - xrubles, RETRONUKE
  • "Second to the unique presentation, sound and music is where Sinless really shines(...)It's a perfect compliment to the visuals and the combination of the two enhances the immersive experience."
    - Bob, BobmanBob
  • "Although the narrative is absolutely immersive the game achieves a greater standard than that. The developers understood and very nearly perfected an art style in regards to the graphics and the sound of the game."
    - Warwick Janecki, Steamified
  • "Cyberpunkowy klimat wylewa się z ekranów smartfonów i tabletów. Ekipa odpowiedzialna za grę wykonała kawał znakomitej roboty..."
    - Kamil Świtalski, AntyApss
  • "Great work! Lovin' the soundtrack."
    - cyberpunkdreams, Cyberpunk Forums
  • "So far this game is amazing! There's been a severe lack of good cyberpunk games in the appstore."
    - Lacasax, Reddit
  • "As beautiful as these visuals are(..)the sound design is really what's nailing it for me here. It's really what's giving this world depth."
    - Highsight, Indie Insights: COC Gaming Network

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Original Soundtrack
Selected tracks available for free on soundcloud.com.

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About MGP Studios

2012-2015:We are a small indie studio from Poland -1 Creative and 2 Programmers- and have spent the last two years working very hard realising our dream to create and release a game of our own: Our debut game Sinless is a hybrid of a visual novel and a classic 2D point and click adventure set in an original cyberpunk reality. We put a lot of effort and attention to the lore and story as well as the general vibe- that the graphics and soundtrack complement themselves to create the desired tone. And this is the goal we wish to acheive with our upcoming projects: to create memorable, unique experiences. Hopefully our love and enthusiasm for games shows in Sinless, as well as in our upcoming projects. We have just released our second game: Roll'd: the endless runner with a twist and have 2 more projects underway and will be announcing one of them soon. Thanks for tuning in.

2016:Gamedev is a rough business. So right now unfortunately I am unable to afford continuing work with G+P. Hopefully, this will change in the future, because finding a team with a good workflow is not easy to come by. So, as of 3rd quarter of 2015 the Dev team dropped down to one person and Sand is the Soul is a solo project from scratch.

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Sinless Credits

Michael Neugarten

Paweł Nożykowski
Lead Programmer

Grzegorz Jurczuk

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